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Wall of Love

Some of the love our customers have shown us

“For years, before I found Vantage Space, inputting all the manually collected, hand-written data would take us 3-5 days. We would have to create spreadsheets, formulas, check data for errors, check graphics to see if they are correct, etc. Now, with Vantage Space we generate a new chart in one click at any point in time during and after the study. We save at least a couple of days in analysis and creating reports.”

“The instant chat feature in the Vantage Space platform is great. The responsiveness of the VS team is quick and thorough.”

“As a consultant I help my customers develop the questions they want to answer. Because the Vantage Space platform is so versatile and encompassing, it is easy to set up surveys in such a way that we gather the data needed to address these questions.”

“The visible timer on the observation mode of the Vantage Space app makes rounds a fun game. Our observers now have a visible, real-time measurement that motivates them to be more efficient each round. They tell us ‘it is really fun’ for them. One observer was able to collect various types of data points for approximately 300 workspaces with 100% accuracy in just 30 minutes. That’s unheard of!!”

“I can monitor survey progress remotely and in real-time. I don’t have to be on location during surveys anymore!”

“The observers using Vantage Space are no longer rushing between rounds to input data collected and can spend the time we gain working on something more valuable.”

“Now, with Vantage Space we no longer have to create our own heatmaps – the software does it for us and we can use filters to customize all the automated heatmaps, the charts, and the graphs!”

“With Vantage Space the likelihood of human error is decreased because you are directly inputting observations as you go along and they are uploaded automatically; there is no data entry, no reading messy handwriting, and no workspace is missed. With VS you cannot move past a workspace without submitting inputs, and if you do miss one, the app warns you before you submit that sessions survey observations.”

“In the systems I used before VS, there was a lot more set-up, mark-ups, and uploading to a system, and we had to wait for any changes to be made by someone else. With VS, we have complete contol over uploads and changes and that save us a lot of time.”

“I prefer Vantage Space for its ease of use. It is incredibly simple and efficient compared to any other tool while at the same time very comprehensive.”

“Coming into Space Utilization from an Interior Design background and having never conducted a study, I was very pleased with the ease of use and intuitive design. I had no issues picking it up and confidently running with it immediately.”

“We get live feedback from the observation results within the project. We no longer have to wait for the survey to be over before we receive feedback.”

“We were immediately able to reduce the time to prepare analysis to 25% of what it was before we started using Vantage Space.”

“With Vantage Space accuracy and efficiency are increased and unlike with sensors, we still get the benefit of human observation so we catch details that sensors and other technologies might miss or misinterpret.”

“It is common in the workplace planning industry to avoid space utilization studies like the plague. For some, it is the bane of your life. Vantage Space takes the pain away. Look to Vantage Space. You’ll love it!”

“Vantage Space automatically creates charts and graphs that can be used directly in the final report of the study. If the automated visual outputs aren’t exactly as we prefer, VS offers a nice feature where we can easily export the data into Excel and tailor-make the charts and graphs exactly as we’d like.”

“We are spending 25% or less of the time to prepare and conduct analysis.”

“We have clients that want a daily report during space utilization studies and with Vantage Space, it’s no problem. Data syncs in real-time with Vantage Space! We don’t have to spend any extra time preparing reports.”

“The observers using Vantage Space complete their rounds and data inputs in less than half the time because the data is collected, stored, analyzed, and calculated in real-time.”

“My experience with Vantage Space has been very positive. It is clean. It makes the work very easy. It does a lot of the work for you. And, it prompts me so I literally cannot miss anything.”

“Vantage Space takes the pain out of the process so you can get the information you want, better data, and you didn’t have to go through any pain to get it!”

“The flexibility in filtering is really nice. It is crucial to separate workspace types in analysis. With Vantage Space we can look at each type in more detail in a mere fraction of the time. The filter tool in VS has cut the time I spend on data analysis by 60%!”

“Vantage Space is well designed. It doesn’t take long to train the observers. Unlike with older methods, after showing them a few moves in the VS platform, they want to take the iPad from me and run to do the work because VS provides a fun and intuitive interface. It is almost like playing an app game.”

“We used to dread conducting space utilization studies. Not anymore. Now that Vantage Space has take the pain out of conducting them, we happily sell studies all the time!”

“Vantage Space offers comprehensive results in realtime with an easy to use interface.”

“With Vantage Space we spend 90% less time on training, survey set up, and observation.”

“I save at least a day’s work on space utilization studies now that I use Vantage Space. I am no longer copying data, merging tables, or fixing observation mistakes and errors. I can use my time on other productive activities that matter to me and to my clients.”

“Facilities Managers want charts and graphs as quickly as possible. They don’t want to be involved in the process to gather the data. The Vantage Space dashboard appeases Facilites Managers’ needs in realtime. We no longer have to wait until the study is over to see any analysis.”

“Vantage Space saves us 4 days of preparation each survey: we no longer have to do all the printing, set up data points manually in CAD, or train observers and researchers for hours on end.”

“Because Vantage Space is app-based software, it is easy and convenient for anyone to understand what it will do and how it will be used.”

“When I look at Vantage Space, I see beautiful charts and graphs and wonderful analysis.”

“We are completing training, survey set-up, and observation in 1/10th of the time.”

“The automated heatmaps are really cool. It would be difficult to generate anything quite that sophisticated on our own.”

“With Vantage Space the amount of time it is taking to set up an observer is lower.”

“Vantage Space does so much data analysis for me! Automatically and in real-time. We find that VS presents data with great clarity and offers innovative graphics including heatmaps that are easy to read. We definitely use them to make decisions to optimize workspace.”

“Using Vantage Space has cut the time to analyze results and create final survey reports by 75%.”

“Every time I need help, I submit a request and it is answered quickly. On top of that, I feel like the support team at Vantage Space makes note of my requests and makes permanent improvements and enhancements to the product. I feel like they really listen to my needs as a customer and they deliver both the immediate solutions and the long term systemic solution.”

“Setting up a space utilization survey with Vantage Space is very easy and straightforward. It saves a lot of time because you key findings directly into the app; there is no keying in findings from paper.”

“With the old way of conducting studies I used to spend ages training observers. Since we started using Vantage Space, even with a new Planner who’s never conducted a study, training literally goes like this, ‘Here’s the account, log in, and off you go!’ That’s it!!”

“We were immediately able to reduce the time to prepare analysis by 75% since we started using Vantage Space.”

“It is so easy to create tailor-made input categories with Vantage Space. We can collect all kinds of data efficiently. It would take ages to collect as much as we do if we were still using Excel for observations.”

“Doing space utilization surveys the old way can feel as painful as pulling out your teeth out. With Vantage Space it doesn’t feel that way at all. With VS, it’s actually fun!”

“Sometimes management does not want to allow for sufficient time for a survey. With Vantage Space we cut time and cut costs while adding value. Management is pleased and more inclined to approve survey budgets.”

“I am very impressed with Vantage Space. It is very easy to use and offers more value and efficiency than we ever thought possible.”

“Vantage Space is a very powerful tool. Before we used Excel spreadsheets for space utilization studies and it was painful. Now, with VS, we are able to hire temporary interns to gather the data. And, because the user interface is so intuitive and friendly, we do not have to spend any time training them. VS has saved us loads of time and money.”

“It’s a fantastic product, easily the best I’ve used. It makes it a lot easier to onboard people into the study when the software is so simple to use. So thanks to you and your team to making this!”

“I like Vantage Space a lot. It is a good product. It is easy to set up. It is doesn’t cost much. It is easy to explain to observers and clients. I enjoy using it.”

“The days of using quirky databases and data tables for space utilization surveys are over now that I’ve found Vantage Space. I always knew there must be an easier way.”

“Vantage Space is the most time efficient space utilization survey tool I’ve found for setting up, training, and gathering observation inputs. It has cut down the time involved so much that now we have the resources to run multiple surveys at a time!”

“Vantage Space saves me a couple days work with each study. I no longer have to sort through and organise data. I can start my analysis as quickly as the data is exported.”

“Before Vantage Space we conducted space utilization studies using paper and inputting the data into Excel. We have cut our survey set-up and observation time by 30% since we started using VS.”

“We have worked closely with Vantage Space for several developments to the software. The direct help we’ve experienced is very professional and impressive. They are very helpful.”

“We used to get hand cramps collecting data. Since we started using Vantage Space we don’t.”

“Using Vantage Space expedites data collection and facilitates efficient analysis.”

“I conducted space utilization studies manually for several years. It was not enjoyable at all. The drudgery of having to process the information and the amount of work I had to do to get to the valuable stuff was exhausting. The difficult parts of conducting space utilization surveys were taken away the moment I started using Vantage Space. Now I can focus on giving my clients knowledge and value right away.”

“When managing a portfolio as large as ours, quite a bit changes are happening all time. Vantage Space allows us the ability to change surveys on the fly, is used is NECESSARY to be able to change on the fly.”

“The dashboard for Vantage Space is very interactive and intuitive, which makes using it a lot easier. I don’t have to spend much time at all training other members of staff to use the dashboard.”

“With Vantage Space, you can’t argue with the findings. The raw data is clear, concise, and digital. The margin for error is a lot lower than with handwritten or other manual data collection practices. With Vantage Space we don’t have to justify scribbles on paper anymore.”

“I really enjoy the Vantage Space interface in observation mode. It is very methodical, there are not a lot of menus, it is simple and clear, it asks one question at a time, it doesn’t allow me to skip any questions, it makes it easy and fun to avoid making any mistakes or errors.”

“The built-in analysis on the Vantage Space dashboard is great! And because I can export the data easily, I can transform it, customise it, and create charts and graphs in my I own personal way too.”

“Upper Management sometimes questions the method by with a space utilization study is conducted. Using Vantage Space helps us to overcome their objections because it is digital and the margin for error is a lot smaller. VS offers a specific organized manner to conduct surveys.”

“The experience of being a customer of Vantage Space is really good. You guys are great!”

“We love that all the data is analyzed and turned into charts instantaneously. We are able to have valuable conversations as the study goes along when we use Vantage Space, which raises the value we bring to our clients.”

“The system itself is easy to set up and create a project, clear and easy to use, and I was able to export and manipulate the data as required.”

“With Vantage Space I no longer have the hassle of lugging around paper and laptops for observations.”

“It is so easy to input data during collection. The live feed on the dashboard during the process is really important to get a quick peak and understanding before the surveys are over. It is so easy to filter data, in a click we can easily look at each individual type of space right on the dashboard.”

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