Added support for multiple organisations

Vantage Space now supports multiple organisations and organisation switching!

You’ll notice that the screens have changed slightly, with a new drop-down list for Organisations in the top-left corner of each page:


This means that that you can define your own organisations in Vantage Space, each with a separate team and set of surveys. These organisations might be completely different customers, or just departments within a single large company – you can choose whatever arrangement is best for you.

Here’s how it works: Each person is automatically a member of the team for an organisation, as before. Now, though, people can be invited to other organisations as well, and have a different level of access for each organisation. Anyone that has access to more than one organisation in Vantage Space switches between them simply by choosing the organisation that they would like to use from the dropdown menu. You can change your current organisation at any time.


To set up an organisation, just click the Create a New Organisation option in the dropdown, write in a name, and click on the Create button:


You can change the name and other details for an organisation at any time by switching to that organisation, and then clicking on the Settings tab in the top-right area of the page:


Similarly, if you are an owner or manager of an organisation, choose the Team tab to view the members of your current organisation, invite new members, or remove people from the team.

By design, we keep each organisation compartmentalised. Owners and managers for an organisation cannot see any other organisations, unless they have been invited to join those teams. Equally, they cannot view a list of the organisations that a team member belongs to. This enables you to delegate the administration of an individual organisation to a user with the confidence that you have not exposed any unrelated information.

To ensure that Vantage Space correctly identifies a person as they move between organisations, we hold the details for each user in their global profile, which applies to every organisation:


This also means you only ever need to enter changes to your personal details once, regardless of how many organisations your account is attached to.

We think that this update offers a very powerful improvement to Vantage Space with surprisingly little extra complexity. Your comments and questions are very welcome, as always.



Try it out – it’s available now! – and we’ll be making improvements regularly so if you have any needs or wants